Wayne Morse Scholars

Wayne Morse Scholars

Informed Debate   Community   Social Justice

The Wayne Morse Scholars program is for UO undergrads from any background or major. It provides skills building, service learning, and leadership training to students interested in public affairs and community engagement. Applications are due each spring and the program begins the following fall. Any current UO student who can commit to at least two years in the program is eligible to apply. 




What Scholars do

Tackle big questions of democracy and governance.
Special seminars PS351: Democratic Dilemmas and PS399: Democracy in Practice. Monthly lunch gatherings to discuss compelling topics ranging from campus and local issues to national and global challenges (free food!)

Explore forms of political engagement.
Annual field trips to Salem, Portland, and other sites to watch the political process and public policy in action

Participate in praxis in real-world settings.
Internships and applied research for upper-level scholars, with modest funding to support them

Develop leadership skills.
Hands-on workshops and training sessions to prepare for the job world and to explore varied leadership styles

Connect with prominent scholars and elected officials.
Backstage PASSes with invited speakers including: elected officials, public scholars, and movement leaders

Join a community of students committed to service and justice.
Fun social events and service days

Current Scholars

Psychology and Political Science
Ethnic Studies and Psychology
Anthropology and German & Scandinavian Studies
Ethnic Studies and Political Science
Economics and Political Science
Anthropology and Political Science
Political Science
International Studies and French
International Studies and Political Science
General Social Science and Political Science
Journalism & Political Science
International Studies and Spanish
German and Political Science
Political Science
Political Science and Journalism
Political Science
Advertising and Political Science
Planning, Public Policy, and Management
Sociology and Planning, Public Policy, and Management
Sociology, Psychology, and Political Science
Planning, Public Policy, and Management and Political Science
Political Science
Global Studies and Psychology
Political Science
Global Studies and Romance Languages
Chemistry and Political Science
Planning, Public Policy, & Management and Political Science
History and Sociology
Global Studies and Political Science

Parsa Aghel - Economics and Political Science

Molly Armstrong - International Studies and Political Science

Sofia Baldridge - PPPM

Mia Bledsoe - Political Science

Katherine Clarke - Sociology and Political Science

Isaiah Corder Boyd - Political Science

Allison Dominguez - Journalism and Political Science

John Jack Forrest - Journalism and Political Science

Ally Grimaldi - Environmental Studies and Political Science

Alexis Han - International Studies and Sociology

Jakob Hollenbeck - Economics and Political Science 

Brittany Jeffery - Political Science and General Social Science 

Brian Josephson - PPPM

Matthew Katz - International Studies and Political Science

Semeredin Kundin - Political Science

Aaron Lewis - Philosophy

Grace Montague - Geography and Spatial Data

Terra Morrison - Environmental Studies

Idil Osman - Psychology

Daniel Paulsen - Political Science

Jaden Salama - Anthropology

Sheila Trnjanin - Business Administration and Political Science

Kim Truong - General Social Science

Rebecca Vance - International Studies

Rachael Wilczewski - Women and Gender Studies and Political Science

Past Scholars

2013-14    2014-15    2015-16   2016-17    2017-18    2018-19


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