Law Fellowship Program

law fellows

The Wayne Morse Law Fellows program is an opportunity for UO law students with a demonstrated interest in public policy to undertake paid, full-time, 10-week summer fellowships doing legal work in the offices of Oregon’s elected officials or in government agencies or nonprofit organizations. During the academic year following their summer fellowship, Law Fellows will participate in the life of the Wayne Morse Center. 

Application Process
Applications are due each January for the following summer. Fellows will receive their stipends at the beginning of the summer—$6,500 for a fellow serving in Washington, D.C.; $5,500 for a fellow serving in Oregon.

How to Apply

Participating offices
Office of U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer (Washington, D.C.)
Office of U.S. Representative Greg Walden (Washington, D.C.)
Office of Oregon House Majority Leader Jennifer Williamson (Salem, OR) 
Immigration Rights Project of the Oregon Justice Resource Center (Downtown Portland)
SEIU Local 503 – Stronger Together (Salem)

2018-19 Wayne Morse Law Fellows
Andrew Baker
Courtney Caimona
Nicole Curtis
Casey Dreher
Abigail Gore
Kimberly Koops

2017-18 Wayne Morse Law Fellows
Anna Brady
Doyle Canning
Casey Dreher
Thomas Griffin
Emily Hajarizadeh
Weston Koyama
Kate Lemley
Aileen Santoyo


Previous Law Fellows 
C. Michael Arnold (2000-01)
Zach Baker (2012-13)
Siniva Bennett (2011-12)
Nathan Bellinger (2011-14)
Patricia Bradwell (2003-04)
John Branam (2002-03)
Elizabeth Brown (2011-13)
Molly J. Brown (2005-06)
Franz Bruggemeier (2013-14)
Jilian Clearman (2009-10)
Nadia Dahab (2009-12)
Dina Dubson (2005-08)
Jason Dufurrena (2004-05)
Sarah Einowski (2007-09)
Karen Ellis (2003-05)
Lauren Fleming (2008-09)
Alyssa Fritz (2012-13)
Anna Friedhoff (2010-11)
Marissa Garcia (2010-11)
Jennifer Geiger (2005-07)
Will Gent (2013-15)
Erin Gould (2007-10)
Aaron Grieser (2006-07)
Tiffany Harris (2000-01)
Jason Hartz (2004-06)
Benjamin Hovland (2004-06)
Celia Howes (2002-03)
Lauren Ice (2011-13)
Aaron James (2000-01)
Autumn Johnson (2009-10)
Harriet Johnson (2016-17
Emily Johnson (2009-10)
Will Johnson (2013-14)
Drew Johnston (2010-12)
Maya Kane (2009-11)
Jeff Kane (2010-11)
Zachary Klonoski (2011-12)
Aaron Kraft (2008-11)
Gordon Levitt (2015-16)
Ryan Mann (2015-16)
Sarah Mann (2006-09)
Jona Maukonen (2001-04)
Sharia Mayfield  (2013-14)
Hailey McAllister (2012-14)
Elle McCall (2012-13)
James McCurdy (2003-04)
Jamie McLeod (2014-16)
Brook Meakins (2008-09)
Naomi Melver (2003-04)
Kathryn Moakley (2004-05)
Amy Norris (2010-12)
Matt O’Brien (2006-08)
Kristin Olson (2001-02)
Erika O’Sullivan (2014-17)
Kristen Parcher (2003-04)
Martha Pellegrino (2003-05)
Jennifer Penaherrera (2015-17)
Catriona Penfield (2006-07)
Sarah Peterson (2005-07)
Caroline Phillips (2015)
Mardell Ployhar (2005-06)
Lee Pritchard (2001-02)
Ellen Range (2007-09)
Nathan Ratliff (2002-03)
Tim Ream (2007-10)
Patricia Rincon (2013-14)
Haley Rosenthal (2012-14)
Kiran Sahdev (2008-11)
Nelly Sangrujiveth (2004-05)
David Skillman (2005-06)
Madison Simmons (2015-16)
Lauren Sommers (2003-05)
Moe Spencer (2002-03)
Christina Stephenson (2008-09)
Michael Stout (2012-13)
Kristen Thomas (2012-13)
Megan Thompson (2005-08)
Mary Van Noy (2011-12)
Zach Welcker (2007-08)
Nicole White (2010-12)
Brent Wilkins (2009-11)
Tehan Wittemyer (2003-05)
Timothy Wright (2015-17)