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Wayne Morse Law Fellows are a small group of outstanding UO law students who have demonstrated a commitment to serve the public interest. Some have done grassroots work on civil rights and the environment, others have served as staff for nonprofits, government entities, or elected officials, others have volunteered on political campaigns or worked for their tribe. All have a commitment to change the world for the better. The Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics, which is housed in the UO School of Law, provides an opportunity for these leaders and emerging leaders to meet, share ideas, receive mentoring, and occasionally share a meal with an elected or appointed official or activist. Past guests include Governor Kate Brown, Oregon Supreme Court Justice Martha Walters, director of the Congressional Budget Office Keith Hall, and Pulitzer Prize-winning immigrant rights advocate Jose Antonio Vargas. Law Fellows are expected to volunteer twice per semester at a public lecture or conference hosted by the Wayne Morse Center.

Law Fellows are considered a part of the Wayne Morse Center family while in law school and after they graduate. Alums are invited to Fellows lunches and other special events. Sometimes they are invited back to Eugene to serve as speakers and mentors.

The Law Fellows program has changed as the needs of law students and the UO School of Law have changed. It began in 2000 as an academic year program that provided tuition assistance to Fellows. Currently, the program provides paid summer fellowships in Washington, D.C. and Salem.

The Wayne Morse Law Fellows program is competitive, with applications for fellowships due in January of each year.

2020-21 Wayne Morse Law Fellows Program
The UO’s Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics is offering four paid full-time 10-week summer fellowships for Oregon Law 1Ls and 2Ls. The summer jobs have different fellowship titles, pay scales, and locations (see below), but each student that secures one of the summer fellowships is considered a Wayne Morse Law Fellow and will be a part of the Wayne Morse Law Fellows program during the 2020-21 academic year.

Successful applicants will attend an orientation lunch at the law school in April.

Upon their return to Eugene, Fellows will attend a debrief lunch and will submit short reports on the legal work they performed and the quality of their placements. Host sites will also complete an evaluation of the work of the Fellow.

During the academic year after their summer fellowship, Law Fellows will participate in the life of the Wayne Morse Center. This will include volunteering to help staff at least four public events over the course of the academic year, participating in optional lunches with interesting speakers, and having access to one-on-one mentoring.

Fellowships and Application Deadlines

***You may apply for more than one fellowship.***

Application deadline is Thurs., Jan. 23 by 5pm, through Symplycity.  

Students who wish to have application materials reviewed and approved by the Career Center should upload their documents to Symplicity by Tuesday, January 21st by 5:00 p.m. in order to guarantee having approved application materials by the January 23rd application deadline.  If you have any questions about submitting materials for review by the Career Center, please contact our Career Center Manager Melissa Panter at

Wayne Morse Legal Fellow in the Washington, D.C., Office of Senator Ron Wyden (UO Law ’74) The Fellow will be paid a stipend of $8,750 at the beginning of UO law school’s summer term. (See Symplicity Job ID 27912.) 

NEW! Wayne Morse Environmental Law Fellow in the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee in Washington, D.C. The Fellow will be paid a stipend of $6,500 at the beginning of UO Law School’s summer term. This fellowship was developed by the Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics and the UO Law Environment and Natural Resources Law Center with guidance from Prof. Greg Dotson. (See Symplicity Job ID 28402.)

Wayne Morse Legal Fellow in the Washington, D.C., Office of Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (UO Law ’83) The Fellow will receive a total of $6,500, which will come from two sources: the UO’s Wayne Morse Center and congressional payroll. At the beginning of the summer, the Fellow will receive a stipend of $2,000 from the Wayne Morse Center. The remaining salary of $1,800 per month will be paid on a prorated basis at the end of each calendar month in which the Fellow works. The Fellow will be taxed on their congressional salary. Rep. Bonamici’s office also offers reimbursement for the Fellow’s use of public transit up to $250 per month.

Wayne Morse Environmental Law Fellow in the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife in Salem: The Fellow will be paid a total of $5,500. The Fellow will be on ODFW’s payroll and will be taxed on that income. The Fellow will have the option of being paid once a month on the 15th (for all hours worked that month), or twice a month on the 1st and 15th.

NOTE: We are unable to offer fellowships in the offices of Reps. Blumenauer and Walden this summer.

If you have questions, please contact Rebecca Flynn at or 541-346-3700.

2019-20 Wayne Morse Law Fellows
Skye Brocker-Knapp 
Mari Galloway
Vanessa Jackson
Maddie Lorang
Katie Pitcher
Claire Regenstreif
Marika Sitz

2018-19 Wayne Morse Law Fellows
Andrew Baker
Courtney Caimona
Nicole Curtis
Casey Dreher
Abigail Gore
Kimberly Koops

2017-18 Wayne Morse Law Fellows
Anna Brady
Doyle Canning
Casey Dreher
Thomas Griffin
Emily Hajarizadeh
Weston Koyama
Kate Lemley
Aileen Santoyo


Previous Law Fellows 
C. Michael Arnold (2000-01)
Zach Baker (2012-13)
Siniva Bennett (2011-12)
Nathan Bellinger (2011-14)
Patricia Bradwell (2003-04)
John Branam (2002-03)
Elizabeth Brown (2011-13)
Molly J. Brown (2005-06)
Franz Bruggemeier (2013-14)
Jilian Clearman (2009-10)
Nadia Dahab (2009-12)
Dina Dubson (2005-08)
Jason Dufurrena (2004-05)
Sarah Einowski (2007-09)
Karen Ellis (2003-05)
Lauren Fleming (2008-09)
Alyssa Fritz (2012-13)
Anna Friedhoff (2010-11)
Marissa Garcia (2010-11)
Jennifer Geiger (2005-07)
Will Gent (2013-15)
Erin Gould (2007-10)
Aaron Grieser (2006-07)
Tiffany Harris (2000-01)
Jason Hartz (2004-06)
Benjamin Hovland (2004-06)
Celia Howes (2002-03)
Lauren Ice (2011-13)
Aaron James (2000-01)
Autumn Johnson (2009-10)
Harriet Johnson (2016-17
Emily Johnson (2009-10)
Will Johnson (2013-14)
Drew Johnston (2010-12)
Maya Kane (2009-11)
Jeff Kane (2010-11)
Zachary Klonoski (2011-12)
Aaron Kraft (2008-11)
Gordon Levitt (2015-16)
Ryan Mann (2015-16)
Sarah Mann (2006-09)
Jona Maukonen (2001-04)
Sharia Mayfield  (2013-14)
Hailey McAllister (2012-14)
Elle McCall (2012-13)
James McCurdy (2003-04)
Jamie McLeod (2014-16)
Brook Meakins (2008-09)
Naomi Melver (2003-04)
Kathryn Moakley (2004-05)
Amy Norris (2010-12)
Matt O’Brien (2006-08)
Kristin Olson (2001-02)
Erika O’Sullivan (2014-17)
Kristen Parcher (2003-04)
Martha Pellegrino (2003-05)
Jennifer Penaherrera (2015-17)
Catriona Penfield (2006-07)
Sarah Peterson (2005-07)
Caroline Phillips (2015)
Mardell Ployhar (2005-06)
Lee Pritchard (2001-02)
Ellen Range (2007-09)
Nathan Ratliff (2002-03)
Tim Ream (2007-10)
Patricia Rincon (2013-14)
Haley Rosenthal (2012-14)
Kiran Sahdev (2008-11)
Nelly Sangrujiveth (2004-05)
David Skillman (2005-06)
Madison Simmons (2015-16)
Lauren Sommers (2003-05)
Moe Spencer (2002-03)
Christina Stephenson (2008-09)
Michael Stout (2012-13)
Kristen Thomas (2012-13)
Megan Thompson (2005-08)
Mary Van Noy (2011-12)
Zach Welcker (2007-08)
Nicole White (2010-12)
Brent Wilkins (2009-11)
Tehan Wittemyer (2003-05)
Timothy Wright (2015-17)