Wayne Morse Monograph Series

The Wayne Morse Center, in conjunction with the Wayne Morse Historical Park, commissioned monographs that explored various aspects of Wayne Morse's life and work. The monograph are available as PDFs below.

Robert E. Wolf
Personal Memories Of A Great Conservation Senator: Wayne L. Morse
First in the monograph series. 2006.

James Tschudy
Plenty of Advice and Not So Much Consent: Senator Wayne Morse and U.S. Policy in Latin America
Second in the monograph series. 2007.

Benjamin Dore
Senator Wayne Morse and War Powers
Third in the monograph series. 2010.

Jilian Clearman
Wayne Morse and Harry Bridges: I Hold a Brief for Truth
Fourth in the monograph series. 2010.

A. Robert Smith
A Triumph of Statesmanship: Senator Wayne Morse Delivers Federal Aid for Education
Fifth in the monograph series. 2011.