Wayne Morse Chair of Law and Politics

Established in 1981, the Wayne Morse Chair of Law and Politics honors Wayne Morse, the U.S. Senator and former dean of the UO School of Law. Occupants of the Wayne Morse Chair exemplify the characteristics of Wayne Morse: integrity, independence, and respect for the rule of law and civil liberties. Occupants of the Wayne Morse Chair have included prominent public intellectuals, activists, scholars, policymakers, and writers. During their residencies at the Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics, they have delivered major public addresses, taught classes, and engaged in wide-ranging conversations with audiences in the university, the local community, and the state.

Wayne Morse Chairs

2021-23 Making Work Work
Chairs: Juliet Schor and Sarita Gupta

2019-21 Science, Policy, and The Public
Chairs: Lucy Jones and Françoise Baylis

2017-19 Borders, Migration, and Belonging
Chairs: José Antonio Vargas and Mae Ngai

2015–17 The Future of Public Education
Chairs: Gary Orfield and Amy Stuart Wells

2013–15 Media And Democracy
Chairs: Terry Fisher and Wendy Hui Kyong Chun

2011-13 Capitalism & The Common Good
Chairs: Robert Kuttner and Senator Russ Feingold

2009–11 Climate Ethics & Climate Equity
Chairs: Dale Jamieson, Maxine Burkett, and Vandana Shiva

2007–09 Democracy and Citizenship in the 21st Century
Chairs: Arturo Escobar and Mark Graber

2005–07 Indigenous Peoples: National Policy & International Human Rights
Chairs: Wilma Mankiller and Richard West

2003–05 The Changing Geopolitical Order
Chairs: Neil Smith and Hilary Charlesworth

2001–03 Race, Class, and the Criminal Justice System
Chairs: Charles Ogletree and Robert Mosteller

2000–01 Labor and the Global Economy
Chairs: Dana Frank and William Gould

1999–2000 The Rich, the Poor, and American Politics
Chair: Frances Fox Piven

Richard Delgado (1998)

Abner Mikva (1997)

Barbara Ehrenreich (1997)

Primitivo Rodriguez (1996)

William Pfaff (1995)

John E. Echohawk (1994)

Robert A. Katzmann (1993)

Douglas A. Fraser (1992)

Ray Marshall (1992)

Hans A. Linde (1991)

George McGovern (1990)

Joseph L. Rauh, Jr. (1989)

Charles L. Black, Jr. (1987)

Fred W. Friendly (1985)

Shirley M. Hufstedler (1984)

Anthony Lewis (1983)

Philip M. Klutznick (1981)

Willard Wirtz (1980)