Past Project Grants

2016-17 Project Grants

Cara DiMarco (LCC Women in Transition)—for the Trauma Informed Learning Project

Community Alliance for Public Education—for a public dialogue on standardized testing and alternative visions for assessment.

KLCC FM—for monthly in-depth public radio features on the future of public education

LCC Foundation—to support CoderDojo, a free coding club for young people.

UO Anthropology Professor Lynn Stephen—to develop an immigration education curriculum on citizen children with undocumented parents

Parenting Now!—to purchase and distributing approx. 500 English and Spanish children’s books to at-risk families

Tom and Henry Lininger—to support debate programs at Springfield High School and Hamlin Middle School

 UOTeachOUT —to implement an in-service program for teachers, administrators, and faculty in an effort to offer a culturally responsive pedagogy addressing gender identity and sexual orientation issues

2015-16 Project Grants

Community Alliance for Public Education (CAPE) – CAPE, a local grassroots group, will organize public events examining standardized testing in schools and other public education issues.

KLCC 89.7 FM – KLCC will bring NPR Education Correspondent Claudio Sanchez to Eugene for a four-day residency, which will include a public lecture and teaching classes at UO and LCC.

Tom and Henry Lininger – The grant will underwrite the cost of travel, workshops and scrimmages for the new Hamlin Middle School (Title I) Debate Program.

Asst. Prof. Ed Madison, UO School of Journalism and Communication – Prof. Madison will create, a professional development website that will use video highlights of five sequential in-class sessions in which local artists will coach teachers and their students at Oaklea Middle School in Junction City. Visitors to the website will discover new arts integration teaching strategies and will be able to download support materials for use with their own students.

Parenting Now! – To encourage reading in daily life and reinforce early literacy skills, Parenting Now! will purchase more than 350 English and Spanish children’s books to distribute free to at-risk families through its “Healthy Families Lane County” and “Make Parenting a Pleasure” programs.

Stand for Children Lane County – Stand for Children will reach out to every Eugene 4J school to talk with parents about the pluses and minuses of the Common Core standards and to discuss the need to raise the bar. Gatherings will facilitate discussions and questions; parent feedback will be given to the local school district.

UO Teaching Effectiveness Program – The grant will provide support for High Impact Change, a series of community events, faculty workshops, and administrative roundtables that ask: “who, what, and how should faculty teach to ensure the relevance, rigor, continuities, and needed departures of a 21st century undergraduate education?”

2014-15 Project Grants

Civil Liberties Defense Center – Civil Liberties Defense Center coordinates legal resources and support for the grassroots Global Climate Convergence movement. In that role, CLDC created “Know Your Rights” training videos, webinars, and online resources that can be used by activists whose civil liberties may be at risk or who are threatened with Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (“SLAPP suits”) by corporations.

 Amanda Eckerson (UO) / Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education / Media Island International – Grantees organized and hosted the “Cascadia Grassroots Media Convergence” in Portland on September 19-21, 2014, in order to connect media makers in the Northwest and share best practices, learn skills, strategize about how to incorporate media into grassroots movements and lay the framework for a democratic regional media coalition.

KLCC – KLCC brought NPR investigative correspondent Howard Berkes to the University of Oregon and Lane Community College for a five-day residency. Berkes delivered public lectures and taught workshops for radio reporters focusing on new media’s effect on traditional media.

Occupy Eugene Media Group / First Christian Church – Eugene is at the national forefront of activism on unhoused issues. Occupy Eugene Media Group and First Christian Church created an online media library to that provides tools to address the issues of homelessness in Lane County and beyond.

Our Children’s Trust – The “Youth Climate Action Now (YouCAN)” project has trained Lane County youth to testify before elected officials and generate public support for a local Climate Recovery Ordinance. Our Children’s Trust prepared and distributed an education module based on the youth effort in Eugene, which enables “replication” of this local model in other Oregon communities.

Biswarup Sen and Patrick Jones – Professor Biswarup Sen and doctoral student Patrick Jones organized the “New Media and Democracy: Global Perspectives” conference held at University of Oregon in April 2015. The conference focused on digital technology and social movements to analyze how new media are transforming democratic processes across the globe.

UO Libraries – The “Wayne Morse and Media: A Digital Collection” project put multimedia material from the Wayne Morse Collection held at the University of Oregon online. The collection could be used by students who wish to use Wayne Morse as a case study on use of media in politics or by those who wish to learn more about Morse through his own words.

2013-14 Project Grants

Our Children’s Trust for youth to advocate before local decision-makers and through Media Action Teams for science-based action to slow climate change.

Huerto de la Familia for “The Harvest Film Festival,” featuring films that focus on the interconnected immigrant rights movement and food justice movement.

Assistant Professor of Journalism Ed Madison for an after-school Digital Citizens Multimedia Course at Roosevelt High School in Portland.

Project REconomy to conduct surveys of how rural Latino homeowners access resources and information, especially via new media and the internet, related to foreclosure relief programs and making such information available to them.

Race Card Project at UO for a public lecture and panel on the intersections of race, media and democracy featuring NPR host Michele Norris.

UO Libraries to preserve and digitize the films in the Wayne Morse Papers Special Collection and University Archives, culminating in a public screening of select films

2012-13 Project Grants

Professor Steve Wooten for a forum on Slow Money and local investing featuring Woody Tasch.

Design/Build Program in UO Department of Landscape Architecture to enable students to work with homeless Eugenians to design and construct portable shelters.

Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon for an interfaith education and advocacy campaign focused on “What Good is Government?”

Oregon Center for Public Policy to bring Jared Bernstein, senior fellow at the Center of Budget and Policy Priorities to Eugene and Portland to discuss policies to address inequality.

Oregon Working Families Organization to conduct public education sessions in rural Oregon focused on the economic benefits of local banking and credit unions.

Labor Education and Research Center to present a one-man play and discussion called “Tom Paine’s Democratic Revolution: Individual Liberty and the Common Good.”

Professor Tom Lininger and the UO Honors College to support college classes for local high school students on no-school days

Oregon Student Foundation to support a workshop on student debt at the Oregon Students of Color Conference.

We the People Eugene for a Democracy School in Eugene in collaboration with the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, to examine how to challenge corporate power.

2011-12 Project Grants

Oregon Student Public Interest Research Group (OSPIRG). OSPIRG wrote a guide to Wall Street reform aimed at students and the general public, and they convened a symposium at the UO on financial and regulatory reform.

UO Office of Sustainability: UO Green Purchasing Network.The project used peer networks and internet technology to create a triple-bottom-line decision making tool that can affect the local economy.

Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noreste (PCUN)Student interns researched agricultural wealth in the Willamette Valley and develop curriculum for PCUN’s CAPACES Leadership Institute.

Huerto de la Familia (The Family Garden): Creating Latino Micro Enterprises. UO student interns helped with outreach, marketing, events and creating a mini-documentary.

UO Honors College and Faculty: Textbooks for Honors College Courses for High School Students. UO faculty organized college courses for students on days that local schools were closed due to budget cuts. The grant supplied textbooks and supplies for low-income students.

2010-11 Project Grants

Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon. Oregon Interfaith Power and Light Project engaged communities of faith on climate ethics and action.

Huerto de la Famalia/The Family Garden. UO student interns boosted outreach efforts to expand gardens and small farms in the Latino community.

Institute for Sustainability Education and Ecology/Environmental Leadership Program. UO student interns worked with schools on the Cool School Challenge.

Western Environmental Law Center. UO law students participated in the Clean Energy and Safe Environment project.

Land Air Water. Support for the 2011 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference.

Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation. Writing competition on Climate Ethics and Climate Equity.

BRING Recycling. Summer training for local teachers on the ethical issues of waste.

2009-10 Project Grants

UO Labor Education and Research Center (LERC)
LERC conducted organizing, training and technical assistance to create a network of low-income and worker advocates who can pursue a “green jobs agenda” in their communities.

UO Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation (JELL). 
JELL conducted a student-led symposium on September 11, 2009: “Advocating for an Environment of Equality: Legal and Ethical Duties in a Changing Climate.”

UO Climate Leadership Initiative
The Junior Climate Stewards program, a youth-focused climate change program for schools, enhanced youth awareness, knowledge and skills pertaining to climate change.

Institute for Sustainability Education and Ecology and the UO Environmental Leadership Program
A service-learning project brought together university students, community nonprofit organizations and area middle schools to raise awareness about equity, safety and climate issues associated with student transportation to and from school.

Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW).
ELAW hosted Pablo Fajardo from Ecuador. He presented a lecture at the UO School of Law titled “Jungle Law: Battling Chevron-Texaco in the Ecuadorian Amazon.”

Katie MacKendrick, UO Masters Student in community and regional planning
MacKendrick researched the effects of climate change on two Native nations. Wayne Morse Center funds supported presentations and dialogue with the tribes and the broader community.

2008-09 Project Grants

Civil Liberties Defense Center
This program received a summer stipend for public interest law students conducting research for cases and projects, as well as support for public education on civil liberties.

UO Department of History
Ellen Herman taught a course on “The Therapeutic Origins of Politics, Public Policy and Citizenship in the Post-1945 United States.”

Western States Center
The Voter Organizing, Training, and Empowerment program examined the collaborative efforts of seven community organizations to expand civic engagement in Oregon.

The Women’s Law Forum
This group presented a symposium titled “Elections Exposed: Women, Money, and Politics.”

Teacher Education Course
This course focused on English learners, bicultural students, and educational equity in the schools.

PIPS (Public Interest Public Service)
This program presented a discussion on Oregon ballot initiatives during the Fall 2008 semester.

2007-08 Project Grants

Ambivalent Sisterhood: Feminist Legal Reform and Female Subjectivity in Bangladesh and Malaysia. Lamia Karim, UO Anthropology Department, examined the role of Islamic feminists and secularists in securing Muslim women’s citizenship rights.

International Migration and Citizenship. Marcela Mendoza, adjunct faculty in the Anthropology Department, taught a 300-level course on “International Migration and Citizenship.”

Human Rights Commission of the City of Eugene symposium, “Bring Human Rights Home: Implementing International Human Rights in the United States.”

Civil Liberties Defense Center. Summer stipend for public interest law students conducting research for various center projects.

Constitutional Law Section of the Oregon State Bar. “The Evolution of the Oregon Constitution: An Exercise in Democracy” video project.

Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW). For visiting Kenyan scholar Michael Ochieng Odhiambo.

Eugene Weekly Film Festival. “Democracy and Citizenship in the 21st Century” theme films to be shown at the Bijou Theatre.

Conference on “Gender, Families and Immigration in Oregon” sponsored by the Center for the Study of Women in Society with community participation.

UO MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan). For annual Raza Unida Youth Conference.

Public Interest Public Service Program (PIPS).

2006-07 Project Grants

Environment and Natural Resources Center and the Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution at the UO School of Law coordinated a conference on “Deciding Where the Water Goes: Emerging Possibilities in Water Settlements.”

Center for Tribal Water Advocacy, for the Third Annual Tribal Water Conference.

Department of Anthropology, for a series of three courses and a speaker series.

Center for Indigenous Cultural Survival, for speakers from North America and the Pacific Rim.

E-Law, to bring Miskito lawyer Lottie Cunningham Wren from Nicaragua to the UO.

2005-06 Project Grants

Demystifying Native Americans, panel  in conjunction with a special issue of the Quarterly on tribal issues.

Indigenous Peoples: National Policy and International Human Rights, film festival organized by Eugene Weekly and the Wayne Morse Center.

Intersections of Native American Culture, Politics and Law, a conference organized by UO anthropology professor Shari Huhndorf and Stanford University graduate student Beth Piatote.

The Passage of Time: Columbia River Treaties, Endangered Salmon, and the Federal Hydrosystem, research and presentations by UO School of Law Professor Mary Wood.

Second Annual Conference on Northwest Tribal Water Rights

Work for Native Justice: Speaker series

“Women’s Voices of Struggle and Survival: Stories from the Heart of Indigenous Communities,” a speaker series featuring women’s leadership in indigenous communities.

2003-05 Project Grants

American Gadfly: The Story of Wayne Morse Play production sponsored by New Mime Circus.

The Borders of Human Security: Geopolitics Comes Home. Conference sponsored by the UO Center for the Study of Women in Society and Professor Sandra Morgen.

Democracy and Human Rights in Latin America: Lessons from the Past and Prospects for the Future. Conference sponsored by the UO Latin American Studies Committee.

En Tu Nombre (In Your Name). Art exhibit sponsored by UO Romance Languages and Professor Bryan Moore.

Environmental Challenges that Transcend National Boundaries Lecture series. sponsored by Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (E-LAW).

Global Justice at Work Lecture series. Sponsored by the UO School of Law Public Interest/Public Service (PIPS) Program.

Homeland “In”Security: Race, Immigration and Labor in Post-9/11 North America Conference sponsored by the UO Center on Diversity and Community.

Latino Immigration and the New World Order: Lessons from the Japanese-American Internment Symposium sponsored by Eugene Day of Remembrance Committee.

Malthus, Mendel, and Monsanto: The Law and Politics of the Global Food Supply Conference sponsored by UO School of Law, Professor Keith Aoki, and Oregon Tilth.

Peace and Justice in Latin America Conference. Sponsored by UO Latin American Studies Committee and Professor Carlos Aguirre.

Politics, Law, and Violence in Literature and the Arts Symposium. Sponsored by UO Theater Arts and Professor Jeffrey Mason.

Workplace Health and Safety in the Global Economy Conference. Sponsored by UO Labor Education and Research Center – Occupational Health and Safety Program, and Professor Steven Hecker.

2001-03 Project Grants

Restorative Justice Conference. Sponsored by UO School of Law Alternative Dispute Resolution Program and Professor Jane Gordon.

Prison and Prison Labor Course. Sponsored by UO History Department and Professor Randall McGowen.

Cops and Kids: Sharing Stories, Building Relationships and Working Together; Race and Community Policing Community.Sponsored by Eugene Police Department.

The Influence of Race and Class on the Future of Policing. Event organized by the UO Criminal Law Students Association.

Prison Labor Monitoring Project. Research sponsored by UO Labor Education and Research Center and Professor Gordon Lafer.

Parenting from Prison Research and handbook publication. Sponsored by Carole Pope.

Race, Class, and the Administration of Justice Course. Sponsored by UO School of Law and Adjunct Professor Peter Ozanne.

Racial Equity in the Criminal Justice System Symposium. Sponsored by Portland State University, Youth Law Center (San Francisco), Multnomah County Public Safety Project, and Adjunct Professor Peter Ozanne.

The Great Writ: Post Conviction Process in Capital and Non-Capital Cases Course. Sponsored by UO School of Law and Adjunct Professor Rita Radostitz.

Race, Class, and the Criminal Justice System (Death Penalty). Film festival organized by Bijou Art Cinemas and Eugene Weekly.

Law, Domestic Violence, and Child Abuse. Research sponsored by Resident Scholar Merle Weiner.

Death Penalty. Art exhibit organized by the UO Cultural Forum.

Left Behind: Child Custody Issues for Women Prisoners Conference. Sponsored by Project Linkup, UO Women’s Law Forum, Carole Pope, and Professor Barbara Aldave.

Transnationalism, Ethnicity, and the Public Sphere Conference. Sponsored by Oregon Humanities Center and UO Center for Asian and Pacific Studies.

Prison Growth: Political, Economic, and Social Issues Conference. Sponsored by UO School of Law and UO Sociology Department.

The Death Penalty in Historical Perspective: The European and American Experience, 1600 to the Present Class. Sponsored by Professor Randall McGowen, UO Department of History.

Project Linkup. Sponsored by Carole Pope, former inmate and prison activist, and Professor Barbara Aldave, UO School of Law.

2000-01 Project Grants

The Farmworker Experience. Students worked in conjunction with Professor Lynn Stephen and staff of PCUN to organize the archives of PCUN.

Public Radio Internship Project. KLCC radio journalists Nancy Solomon and Alan Siporin mentored four UO student interns to produce radio feature segments on issues of class and politics.

Labor, Welfare, and Politics. Forum sponsored by the Eugene-Springfield Solidarity Network.

Economic Justice Film series Sponsored by the Bijou Cinema and Eugene Weekly.

Power, Control, and Resistance Series of classes taught by Julie Novkov.

Law, Class, and Regulation Series of classes taught by Gordon Lafer and Julie Novkov.

Regulating the Working Class taught by Sandra Morgen.

1999-2000 Project Grants

The Life of a Strawberry. Project sponsored by Professor Lynn Stephen.

Immigrant Participation in the Oregon Workforce Study. Sponsored by the Oregon AFL-CIO.

Boss of the Waterfront: Wayne Morse and Labor Arbitration Exhibit sponsored by Special Collections, Knight Library, UO.

Race and Transnational Labor in U.S. Western History Symposium sponsored by the UO History Department.

High School and Middle School Workshops. Wayne Morse Historical Park Board members and Springfield high school teacher James Mattiace worked together to design and host  workshops for Eugene and Springfield high school and middle school classes.