Margaret Hallock Program for Women's Rights

Margaret Hallock, left, accompanies the Wayne Morse Scholars on a field trip to the state capitol. 

In honor of Margaret Hallock’s retirement in 2015, the Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics—with generous support from students, alumni, faculty, staff, community members, former Wayne Morse Chair holders and unions—established the Margaret Hallock Program for Women’s Rights.

Without Margaret Hallock, a woman of vision and action, there would be no Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics. Through her tenacity, good judgment and administrative skills, Margaret brought decision-makers, stakeholders, and donors together to make real the dream of a living memorial to Oregon’s independent senator that serves campus, the local community, and the state. And with her wisdom, humor, and compassion, Margaret had an enormous impact in the lives of numerous students, faculty, and others.

The Margaret Hallock Program for Women’s Rights supports issues close to Margaret’s heart. Women will create the future world, but access to education, civil liberties, and economic security remain vital issues for women worldwide today. Each year the Center will host, in consultation with Margaret, a public lecture, film screening, play or exhibit, or contribute to scholarly research that promotes discussion of critical issues that affect women or women’s rights around the world.

Past Events

Author Stephanie Land

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