Cristina Cabezas

Photo of Cristina Cabezas
Wayne Morse Legal Fellow at the Northwest Workers' Justice Project
Cristina Liliana Cabezas (she/her) will serve as the Wayne Morse Legal Fellow at the Northwest Workers’ Justice Project for summer 2022. In summer 2021, she worked at Creighton & Rose, PC, a law firm with a specialty in employment and civil rights cases. Cristina holds a BA in Ethnic Studies from UC Berkeley. During her 2L year, Cristina served as a Frohnmayer Leadership Program Fellow and Public Relations Manager for UO’s Latina/o Law Student Association. Cristina is passionate about helping people; she believes that employment law and fair labor acts directly impact people's everyday life. Through employment and labor laws, vulnerable workers can gain economic stability. Previously, Cristina worked in education in Southern California, where she taught students in a working-class Latinx community. As an educator, Cristina witnessed the struggles of her students, their families, and her community as they strove to surmount obstacles such as access to a good education, quality food, and shelter. This experience motivated her desire to uncover solutions through a legal career.