2009-11: Climate Ethics and Climate Equity

Climate Ethics and Climate Equity examined the ethical issues of climate change as well as solutions that focus on equity and environmental justice. Focus topics included food security, ocean impacts of climate change, community projects, energy law, green jobs, and youth and intergenerational equity in the climate crisis.

Wayne Morse Chair of Law and Politics

Winter 2011—Dr. Vandana Shiva 
Dr. Shiva is a scientist and activist on issues of agriculture and food, bioethics, globalization,  and the impacts of climate change. She is widely acclaimed to be one of the world’s leading voices in environmental justice and sustainable agriculture. During Shiva’s time as Wayne Morse Chair, she visited classes and spoke at events, including the Food Justice Conference sponsored by the Wayne Morse Center.
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Watch Shiva’s closing address at the Food Justice Conference

Fall 2010—Maxine Burkett 
Burkett is an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Hawaii and director of the Center for Island Climate Adaptation and Policy. Burkett’s work focuses on climate justice, the disparate impact of climate change on poor and of-color communities and our moral and legal obligation to these communities. Professor Burkett taught Climate Change Law and Policy with Resident Scholar Richard Hildreth during the first 8 weeks of fall semester 2010.  She participated in a conference on ocean impacts of climate change and delivered a public address on climate justice.
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Listen to Burkett’s public address

Fall 2009—Dale Jamieson 
Jamieson is the Director of Environmental Studies at New York University where he is also a professor of Environmental Studies and Philosophy and an affiliated professor of Law. Jamieson is a well-known scholar on environmental values and policy and climate change. During his visit to UO, Jamieson taught a seminar on climate ethics and law and delivered public addresses in Eugene and Portland.
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Wayne Morse Distinguished Speakers

Fall 2010—Dr. James E. Hansen 
Dr. Hansen is the director of NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and an adjunct professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University. He is the author of Storms of My Grandchildren (2009). He spoke on “Global Warming Time Bomb: How to Avert Disaster” in fall 2010.

Fall 2009—James J. McCarthy
McCarthy, a Harvard University climate scientist and co-chair of the Nobel Peace Prize winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, visited the Wayne Morse Center and the School of Law in early fall 2009. McCarthy is a highly respected scientist and public policy advocate on climate change.

Fall 2009—Rebecca Tsosie 
In conjunction with the School of Law and the inauguration of the Indian Tribes Professorship, the Wayne Morse Center hosted Rebecca Tsosie, director of the Indian Legal Program at Arizona State University. She lectured on “Native Nations and Climate Change: Building an Ethics of Environmental Stewardship” and participated in The Role of Tribal Sovereignty, a forum with tribal leaders on climate change.