Lorwin-O’Connell Conference: Immigration Law and Policy 2018


This conference will focus attention on issues in legal practice and empirical research that have particular significance for children, women, and families. It brings together practicing attorneys and judges in the field of immigration law with researchers and advocates engaged with immigrant and refugee communities in Oregon and beyond. In addition to sessions on DACA and mixed-status families, criminalization (detention, deportation, fear and silencing), and the status of immigration law and policy as of February 2018, we will hold a special afternoon session for judges. It will be devoted to language politics and translation in Oregon courts. The featured O’Connell speaker in that session will be Mariano-Florentino (“Tino”) Cuéllar, Associate Justice, California Supreme Court.

Knight Law Center

The Gendered Organization of Migrant Domestic Work


This event is sponsored by the Center for the Study of Women in Society and cosponsored by the Wayne Morse Center as part of its 2017-19 theme, Borders, Migration, and Belonging. The Acker-Morgen Memorial Lecture honors CSWS founding director Joan Acker and longtime center director Sandra Morgen, both of whom passed away in 2016.

At 3:30 pm

Our Representative Democracy—Can it Survive?


Congressman Peter DeFazio was first elected to the U.S. Congress in 1986. He is the longest serving House member in Oregon’s history. As the dean of the Oregon House delegation he has developed a reputation as an effective lawmaker serving the 4th District of Oregon. In 2014, Mr. DeFazio was elected to the position of Ranking Member on the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, which has jurisdiction over the Coast Guard, highway system, transit, water resources, railroads, aviation, & economic development. DeFazio and his wife, Myrnie Daut, live in Springfield, Oregon. He has logged roughly five million miles traveling between Oregon and Washington, DC. Mr. DeFazio has voted against and refused to accept congressional pay raises while the government is deficit spending. Instead, he has used his pay raises to fund scholarships at five southwestern Oregon community colleges. By the end of 2016, Mr. DeFazio contributed $338,869 of after-tax salary toward 255 scholarships. 

At 12:00 pm
175 Knight Law Center