hu Tung-Hui Hu is an assistant professor of English and Digital Studies at the University of Michigan. His book A Prehistory of the Cloud tells the story of how the digital cloud grew out of railroad tracks, sewer lines, military bunkers, and television circuits.



Photo of Erkki HuhtamoErkki Huhtamo is a professor at the University of California Los Angeles, departments of Design Media Arts, and Film, Television, and Digital Media. Huhtamo is an internationally renowned media historian and theorist, and also a specialist in the history and aesthetics of media arts. He is one of the founders of media archaeology.

Photo of Sarah IgoSarah E. Igo is an associate professor in  the Vanderbilt University Department of History. Her research interests are in modern U.S. cultural and intellectual history, history of the human sciences, the sociology of knowledge, and the history of the public sphere.


Photo of Markus KrajewskiMarkus Krajewski is a professor Department of Media Studies at University of Basel, Switzerland. Krajewski is a developer of the bibliographic software Synapsen: A Hypertextual Card Index. He is author of Paper Machines, About Cards & Catalogs, 1548–1929, and numerous other books.



Photo of Kris PaulsenKris Paulsen is an assistant professor of film, video and new media in the History of Art Department and Film Studies Program at Ohio State University. She teaches contemporary art history with a focus on time-based media. Her research and writing addresses the intersections of art and technology from the 19th century to the present.


Photo of Rita RaleyRita Raley is an associate professor of English at University of California Santa Barbara, with courtesy appointments in Film and Media Studies, Comparative Literature, and Global Studies. Her primary research interests lie at the intersection of digital media and humanist inquiry, with a particular emphasis on cultural critique, artistic practices, language, and textuality.


Natasha Dow Schüll is a cultural anthropologist and associate professor at MIT’s Program in Science, Technology, and Society. Her recent book, Addiction by Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas, draws on extended research among compulsive gamblers and the designers of the slot machines they play to explore the relationship between technology design and the experience of addiction.