Each year the Wayne Morse Center hosts two UO faculty members as Resident Scholars. Resident Scholars help frame the theme, advise the center on thematic programs or the Program for Democratic Engagement and Governance, and work on academic projects. Applications are due each January for the following year.

2017-18 Resident Scholars

Erin Beck, Political Science
“Gender-based Violence, Migration, and Justice: Indigenous Women’s Search for Safety and Justice from Guatemala to Oregon”
In Guatemala, a woman is killed every twelve hours. Since 2008, women seeking justice and safety have two paths to travel. The first is through Guatemala’s new specialized court system, the first such system in the world to deal exclusively with cases of violence against women. The second is to flee their country and seek gender-based asylum in the United States, drawing on recent judicial precedents. By comparing advances and obstacles in women’s search for safety and justice across borders, this project addresses critical questions about who is worthy of protection and how to make justice systems more just.



Angela Joya, International Studies
“Globalization and Forced Displacement in the Middle East and North Africa: The Dilemma of Categorization of Migrants vs. Refugees”
This project explores the utility of the terms migrant and refugee by suggesting that economic globalization has created forced displacements that cannot be understood either in terms of voluntary or forced movement. People on the move are not neatly divisible between some who choose to migrate in search of better lives and others who flee from political or religious persecution, typically under conditions of war and violence. Through interviews and surveys in refugee camps in Italy and Greece, as well as examination of state policies in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria, this project will contribute to understanding migration patterns and labor market changes in the Middle East and North Africa.