Wayne Morse Scholars Program

The application period for the 2015-16 academic year is now closed. Applications for 2016-17 will be accepted in the fall of 2016.

Ben Bowman, seen here with Governor Vic Atiyeh, applied for the Wayne Morse Scholars program to learn how political decision-making works and how to be effective in the field of public policy. Read more

Ben Bowman, seen here with Governor Vic Atiyeh, applied for the Wayne Morse Scholars program to learn how political decision-making works and how to be effective in the field of public policy. Read more


Program components

  • Special seminar on democratic dilemmas taught by political science professor and Wayne Morse Senior Faculty Fellow Dan Tichenor.
  • Meeting and discussions with distinguished speakers, government officials and political practitioners.
  • Special events and great food!
  • Small leadership trainings and workshops
  • Field trips to Salem to observe the Oregon House, Senate, Supreme Court, and executive branch at work, and to meet with state officials and their staff.
  • Supervised service learning projects, internships and honors thesis work for seniors. Funding is available to assist with transportation, research materials or other related needs.

University of Oregon sophomores and juniors from all disciplines are welcome to apply for the Scholars program. 20-25 students per year are selected. Criteria for selection include service experiences, demonstrated interest in politics or public policy, and academic merit. Students may continue as Wayne Morse Scholars in subsequent years.

Read about the inaugural class of Wayne Morse Scholars in CAScade Magazine

2015-2016 Scholars

  • Rachel Alms (Family and Human Services, International Studies) ‘18
  • Brenda Alvarado (Political Science) ‘17
  • Pablo Alvarez (Political Science) ‘18
  • Nate Belcik (Political Science) ‘17
  • Rachel Benner (Media Studies) ‘18
  • Robert Edwards-Farewell (Political Science) ‘17
  • Lucas Eschelbach (Political Science, PPPM) ‘17
  • Aleiya Evison (Ethnic Studies) ‘17
  • Opal Farrell (PPPM) ‘17
  • Andrew Field (Journalism) ‘17
  • Natalie Fisher (Political Science, Sociology) ‘17
  • Nicholas Gioia (Political Science, Russian and Eastern European Studies) ‘17
  • Kyle Heiner (Journalism) ‘18
  • Lillian Jones (Political Science) ‘18
  • Candace Joyner (Psychology, PPPM) ‘17
  • Megan Knox (PPPM) ‘18
  • Michaela Kurinsky-Malos (Political Science, History) ‘17
  • Jules Martinez-Plancarte (International Studies, Spanish) ‘17
  • Aleda McMonagle (International Studies) ‘18
  • Madison Moskowitz (Political Science) ‘18
  • Kaitlynn Newcomb (Political Science) ‘18
  • Kyle Novy-Riley (English) ‘17
  • Andrew Pence (Journalism) ‘17
  • Abbey Rooney (International Studies) ‘18
  • Amy Schenk (International Studies, Political Science) ‘18
  • Casey Scofield (Political Science) ‘17
  • Sierra Tillery (Psychology, Political Science) ‘17
  • Blair Toy (Environmental Studies) ‘18
  • Lauren Young (Undeclared) ‘18

2014-15 Scholars

  • Andrew Baker (Business Administration) ‘16
  • Jasmine Beeson (Political Science, Mathematics) ‘17
  • Nathaniel Brown (Media Studies) ‘16
  • Ruhama Dimbore (International Studies, Political Science) ‘17
  • Andrew Dunn (Political Science, Philosophy) ‘17
  • Ted Foster (Political Science, Philosophy) ‘17
  • Jessica Frink (Journalism) ‘17
  • Dalton Fusco (Environmental Studies) ‘16
  • Michael Gottschalk (Political Science) ‘17
  • Jacob Gram (Finance, Economics) ‘16
  • Kate Jaffe (Environmental Studies, Biology) ‘17
  • Bryce Keicher (Spanish, PPPM) ‘17
  • Isaac Kort-Meade (Economics, PPPM) ‘17
  • Aerin Lerch (Political Science, Environmental Studies) ‘17
  • Morgan Murphy (Undeclared) ‘17
  • Claire Pascual (Political Science) ‘17
  • Mario Radic (Political Science) ‘16
  • Maya Robbins (Environmental Studies, PPPM) ‘17
  • Kenneth Sergienko (Political Science) ‘17
  • Isabella Shaulis (Political Science) ‘16
  • Lisa Smith (Political Science, French) ‘16
  • Jacquelyn Ulum (Political Science) ’17
  • Paige Whitaker (International Studies, Romance Languages) ‘16
  • Kiley Wilson (Political Science) ‘16

2013-14 Scholars

  • Chloe Bosner (Political Science) ‘16
  • Ben Bowman (Political Science) ’14
  • Kelly Brandon (Philosophy, Political Science) ‘15
  • Thomas Dal Pino (Political Science) ‘16
  • Casey Edwards (Political Science) ‘16
  • Adrian Engstrom von Alten (Sociology, Folklore) ‘15
  • Kevin Frazier (Economics, PPPM) ‘15
  • Megan Gleason (Environmental Studies) ‘15
  • Marshall Kosloff (Political Science) ‘15
  • Andrew Lubash (Economics, Political Science) ‘15
  • Karissa Miller (History, Political Science) ‘15
  • Patrick Miller (PPPM, Spanish) ‘16
  • Hugo Nicolas (Economics) ‘16
  • Bridget O’Donnell-Davidson (Advertising, Political Science) ‘15
  • Lauren Reifer (Political Science, Theater Arts) ’15 or ‘14
  • Natalie Richards (International Studies, German) ‘16
  • Yanely Rivas (Ethnic Studies, PPPM) ‘15
  • Libby Schimmels (Political Science) ‘15
  • Helena Schlegel (Economics, Math, Spanish) ‘16
  • Celine Swenson-Harris (Political Science) ‘16
  • Nicole Stoenner (Anthropology, Political Science) ‘15
  • Alex Titus (Economics, Political Science) ‘16
  • Jacob Valleau (Political Science) ‘15
  • Kelsey West (Sociology, PPPM) ‘15

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The Wayne Morse Center is grateful for a 2013-2014 grant from the Tom and Carol Williams Fund for Undergraduate Education that provided a huge boost to the inception of this program.