Checks and Balances in the Age of Trump


Meet our speakers:     Stuart Chin- University of Oregon Law professor with a focus of constitutional law, constitutional legislation, and legal and political history. Ellen Rosenblum- First woman to serve as Oregon Attorney General, Rosenblum’s priorities include consumer protection and civil rights. Hector Tobar- Pulitzer Prize winner and SOJC professor, Tobar is the author of four books, […]

At 7:00 pm
156 Straub Hall, 1451 Onyx St.

What Kids Bring to School: How educators can address poverty, domestic violence, and other challenges affecting their students


Featuring Marsha Kline Pruett, Maconda Brown O'Connor Chair and Director of the Clinical Research Institute, Smith College School for Social Work. Her current focus examines family dynamics and development with a specialization of healthy child and family developments during life changes. Pruett is known nationally for the development, implementation and evaluation of preventive interventions in schools and courts.

At 4:00 pm
175 Knight Law Center